COVID-19 Reopening

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April 27, 2020

We at Jaxon Texas Kitchen & Beer Garden care about our community, you, and your family’s well-being. As of May 1st, we are taking precautions and implementing new higher standards to help with the situation. We will open our doors and welcome all healthy guests to come enjoy our hospitality. Please keep up with any new information we put out due to regulations changing daily. This page will be updated accordingly. Our plan of action for COVID-19 Reopening May 1:

  • Our front doors will be propped open during business hours to avoid touching.
  • There will be a sanitation station at our entry for all to use.
  • Tables will be 6 feet apart and parties will be limited to no bigger than 6 guests.
  • We are not allowing guests to stand around the bar and are limiting groups to no more than 3 at the bar top to maintain proper distancing in the dining room.
  • Our dining room has been set at 25% occupancy to adhere to the State regulations. Diners are welcome to reserve their table ahead at Resy.com.
  • We offer all disposable cutlery in a sealed bag along with disposable cups if preferred.
  • UV lamps will be turned on at night to disinfect the bar area and tables.
  • Contactless servers. Our servers will bring food to your table and offer the guest to grab their plate from the tray. Only a selected few in the kitchen will be allowed to touch plates.
  • Single-use condiments will be available to guests.
  • Servers will not touch any credit cards and will have handhelds tablets that allow customers to insert their own. Tablets will be sanitized after each use.
  • Anti-septic hand wash provided in our restrooms. Please wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Our host stand and server stations will be equipped with hand sanitizer for everyone to use.
  • Our cleaning staff has increased the effort on disinfecting. All regularly touched surfaces including, doors, handles, bar tops, POS terminals, and restrooms will be wiped down regularly and every table after each seating.
  • All food handling procedures will be double checked along with regular hand washing throughout each shift.
  • All kitchen staff are wearing masks and gloves. Guests may request to have their server wear masks and gloves.
  • We will have paperless menus viewable on customer phones via QR codes available to scan around the restaurant and single-use disposable menus available for each customer.
  • Any employee that appears to be ill or feels slightly under the weather will be asked to go home or call in prior to arriving. Prior to shifts beginning, management will take the temperature of all of our employees. Anyone reading a 100-degree or higher temperature will be asked to go home.
  • We ask our guests to also take precautions and not go out if they are feeling under the weather.

Please contact our GM Bradley Deshotel with questions, concerns, or inquiries. [email protected]. We will get through this together with you and everyone’s help. Stay healthy and come enjoy our southern hospitality along with our fresh food and tasty drinks.


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